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ATTA Focus on fixing technology for 20 years!

Professional fixing core technology and accessories provider for fuser assembly!

ATTA Heating Element:

      Atta heating sheet technology has been developed to the third generation of products, which can be converted into products for the market. Each generation of products adapt to the corresponding OA products positioning and market demands,  so that the whole machine put on the market in cost, performance, price and other aspects can obtain a perfect balance, to create good social and economic benefits for customers. 

      Customized production: plate specifications 5mm~400mm(L)*0.3~2mm(t), 

                                                on-demand circuit design or customization, 

                                                all kinds of ceramic or metal plate, details to negotiate!

ATTA Fuser Film:      

         Fixing film  adopts unique technology and production process, the product has good high temperature resistance. SUS, Ni, SPI    several main materials are used to produce.  Self-developed film technology can significantly improve the service life of products,   reduce operating noise, reduce energy consumption, etc.

       At the same time, TF and other technologies are also developed to improve the fixing ability to adapt to the uneven quality of     toner in the market. 

      also Can provide for heating element fixing mode, HI fixing mode, lamp fixing mode of products.

Customized production:  Pipe specifications (Φ 15mm~100mm), L less than 500mm , thickness(30um~100um)

                                            Pipe materials -SUS, Ni, Cu, PI, etc

                                            Color optional, colloid coating optional