ATTA Always Insists on Professional Quality

      ATTA has made researches for many years to study and produce Fuser Belt, Fuser Film Sleeve, Heating Element, and Fuser Assembly, which are selling well consistently to all over the world.

      We never pursue larger and more complete or “Upstart ”model boast; we also never adore OEM products blindly. Neverthless, our products’quality can reach OEM level. In industry, for more than 15 years, we just hope to provide the perfect products for the customers.

      Fuser Belt and Fuser Film Sleeve used in high-end copier and printer have unique production process, and keep forth the new from the old. At present, we have produced the most advanced models products in this industry, the yield can be comparable with OEM products.

      As the core parts of Fuser Assembly—Fuser Film Sleeve and Heating Element, we have professional competence of design and production.Meanwhile we also have a lot of  IP technology . The new models come out quickly, the long yield, and distinctive individuation character.

As an old saying goes: without the diamond, do not get porcelain living.