After the epidemic, re-understand China

      Global epidemic this extreme emergency, let foreign trade become a concern. Contrary to previous concerns, China's foreign trade has grown more than expected, and digitization has quickly penetrated into this traditional field. These two seemingly simple summary, in fact, contains rich content, is the accumulation of China's foreign trade and manufacturing development for decades, in the critical moment came in handy. Digitization is not just a change in sales channels, but also the content of technology and internationalization. Offline economy gradually shifts to online economy, cross-border e-commerce platform plays a more and more important role. In terms of longer time, the epidemic may become a node in China's foreign trade development. The foundation of foreign trade is manufacturing. When the world almost stopped, the earliest control of the epidemic in China, enterprise production lines day and night to supply the daily consumption of the international market. China is the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories in the United Nations industrial classification. It has a complete supply chain in the form of product clusters and produces a certain commodity. In the face of emergencies, the industrial foundation has an unimaginable resilience. In the aftermath of the epidemic, China's manufacturing industry and its place in the global value chain may need a new look. It can be said that the integrity of the industrial chain is the largest irreplaceable made in China. 

        Of course, the main industries that exceed expectations are medical, household and household appliances-based consumer products, As well as foreign manufacturers due to the epidemic led to some orders transferred to the domestic, foreign trade sales retaliatory growth. However, for the office equipment spare parts and consumables industry, our export sales have been frozen because of the worldwide shutdown or narrowing of activities, the tightening of international lines and shipping. The more difficult the time, the more to twist a rope. Practice internal work, attach importance to innovation, constantly develop new products, strengthen independent brands. By the end of the epidemic and the world resumes to normal work, we can win with quality and make further results.