Attention of HP and Canon Fixing Film Unit Installation


     Both refurbished producing and renewed the fuser assembly  are a very professional job ! When you read this article, we still do not recommend non-professional technicians to do this job, because we do not know what strange problems will let you meet...! Of course we are very happy to help you.
      so when install the fuser film unit of hp, canon, pls pay more attention to the installation of cover, lock plug, U-steel . In addition: the quality of the temperature sensor and the ultra-temperature protection switch are the temperature control parts that cannot be ignored! If the unqualified products are used, it is very likely to lead to excessive temperature then burn out the heating element or other parts! Please pay great attention to it!.

      If the installation is proper, you will hear a voice of click. And you can see clearly the three parts contact well, and match perfect. If the installation is not proper, The end part of heating element and fixing film are difficult to insert the plug, and if  barely plug the plug lock, the buckle will not be very tight. such a state of energized will appear heating element burning, or bad fixing, paper jam and other problems!