Installing Notes when Replacing FFS MPC35/45/5502,MPC35/45/5503

1.  Please make sure to clean the surface of the heat roller to keep it smooth.
2.  To avoid the paper guide scratching the film, please put the insulated sleeve on both sides of the paper guide to widen the gap between them.Then  put the film back to the fuser unit.

3.  Please make sure that brown strip of cloth between heating lamp and fuser film sleeve is clean and smooth.
   Please see the following pictures:
   Picture1------completely new, and clean cloth.
   Picture 2------used dirtydameged cloth.  
   If picture 2, it will lead to fuser film sleeve’s movement with greater resistance , even not moving, and appearing wrong code.
   so when the cloth is already very old and dirty or dameged, please replace it immediately.


4. Please replace it if the fixing strip has been burned.
     The fixing strip installed between heating lamp and inside fuser film sleeve, is always under high temperature environment . After used a long time it will be aging and distorted, which Impact fit to the film walt, further lower the fixing quality. So when the use of fixing strip comes to a particular period, if already burned, please replace it immediately.


5.   Oil is also very important when replacing the film. First recommend is silicon oil not grease. Please daub the silicon oil inside the film evenly.

6.   Installing film requires professional technics and technician. So in order to avoid improper operation to effect the yield of film, please make sure experienced and professional technician to install film by himself according to the installation notes.